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Batman: Arkham Knight, not the PC version that is so broken quảng cáo trên internet Warner Bros. Temporarily delisted it from sale>

If the difference between the real Batman and a pretender is that he’s not wearing hockey pads, what does that mean for a padded out Batman game? If the real Batman doesn’t kill, what does that mean for a Batman trò chơi that insists on putting him in a literal tank, often to kill 30 other tanks at a time? Unmanned, mind. The word “drone” is thrown around so much not because of its current cultural position, but lớn keep reminding that Batman is not killing. It just feels lượt thích it.

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So much of Arkham Knight is written around the problem of blending Batman with an open world. Gotham is emptied of 6.3 million civilians. Only thugs, villains, và cops remain. The Batmobile, which transforms into a tank, electrocutes anyone it hits at breakneck speeds away from the car. They don’t die, nor vày drivers in the vehicles Batman t-bones. I get it, it’s tough working around “no kill” lore in an xuất hiện world, but you’re adding khổng lồ your own problems at this point.

The first-person introduction — after a wonderfully moody Joker cremation to remind you he’s definitely dead, yep — where a cop mills about a heavily detailed diner eavesdropping on citizen chatter reminds you how much humanity is squeezed out of the Arkham series in favor of Bats versus criminals in increasingly bombastic scenarios.


I can’t tell if there is less punching this time around. Maybe it’s been replaced by Batmobile segments. There are also more stealth options, including fear takedowns that can be used lớn instantly incapacitate up to eight enemies at a time (ok, upgrades are sometimes helpful, as it starts at three). I can string together perfect, room-clearing 60x bộ combo fisticuffs with the best of them, but combat never drags in Arkham Knight, which I appreciate because my favorite thing to vày is to explore the city.

That does bring up a series-long issue of detective mode and waypoints guiding you to the point of feeling lượt thích a middle manager. It’s nice to lớn just notice side missions — hearing strange shrieks, hearing opera blaring over a pa system, seeing a building on fire — rather than being directed towards them, but that’s the problem with dealing with this kích thước of mở cửa world necessitated by the series trending upward as far as stakes raising goes.

But when you stumble on mutilated bodies và every time — five times! — the answer is to lớn scan one obvious thing on each of three layers (skin, muscle, bone) with detective mode, you’re not really doing anything, much less detecting.

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And it’s not, because Batman is Batman và he feels immune to even the direst of straits. It makes the villains — Knight, namely — look goofy as plan after plan are foiled, though Scarecrow holds it together fairly well as the story takes shots at characters adjacent to Batman. The most interesting story stuff is happening within Batman’s head, though, and that’s where the series returns lớn effective use of jump scares (not a bad thing!), Dutch angles, & unreliable world distortion.

Shifting the world around the player, moving things that the player isn’t looking at. There’s some cool, occasionally chilling toying going on, but it’s mostly wrapped up in the kết thúc of the game. Getting there, Arkham Knight struggles khổng lồ surprise và delight as Asylum & City. One musical monster “fight” stands out as a show stealer, but it would have been nice khổng lồ have more inventive moments like the Mr. Freeze fight from City.

If the Batmobile was Rocksteady’s gambit in that regard, it failed. It makes for a better occasional use gadget than core game play system.


The Riddler side mission sums up Arkham Knight‘s issues fairly well. Apropos of nothing, he becomes a racing aficionado & constructs massive death tracks beneath the thành phố to go with his death traps. This is lớn cram more Batmobile segments in. He does his same, tired shtick for a third game, this time holding Catwoman captive, but also he’s made both race tracks và robots khổng lồ fight, just to showroom more. He even explains in-game why if he wins because Batman can’t beat the robots, it still counts as a victory of cunning. He’s doing mental loops lớn defend padding.

At one point, he taunts that even a chimp can follow basic instructions. Sometimes that feels lượt thích Arkham Knight. More of the same isn’t all bad; too much more of the same is, especially at the cost of upsetting the balance between familiar and new. Riddler’s story can’t be resolved (nor can you get the full ending) until you vày the 300 or so Riddler trophies/riddles/whatever, but you can at least take it far enough to không lấy phí Catwoman.

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Arkham Knight is a solid, if uneven send-off for Rocksteady’s trilogy. Combat và predation are still satisfying. The narrative mixes unsurprising, but well done segments with unsurprising và uninteresting elements. It’s full of nods, winks, nudges for batfans, even if certain super villain side missions feel needlessly tossed in. It makes me worried about what will happen with Batman in a new developer’s less comfortable hands, and excited for what Rocksteady might do, itself không lấy phí of the Batman myth.