Disturbance là gì

a condition in which someone is not thinking or behaving normally because of mental or emotional problems:
The state spent close to lớn $6 million on prescription drugs - the bulk of which were used lớn treat emotional or mental disturbances.

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There are many degrees of mental frailty or disturbance, ranging from mild confusion khổng lồ Alzheimer"s disease.

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Học các từ bạn phải giao tiếp một cách lạc quan.

Thus, individuals experiencing low strain are hypothesized to lớn have sầu a lower than average risk of illness and psychological disturbance.
Every natural system is subject khổng lồ regular disturbances; those that have survived indeed must have built up some degree of resilience.
The effects of seasonal drought on background canopy-gap disturbance in the tropics are expected khổng lồ be substantially compounded by the effects of major disturbances.
Persistent psychological disturbance was related not so much lớn personal loss as lớn the degree of damage suffered by the community as a whole.
Alternatively, it is possible that a temporal processing disturbance alone is sufficient khổng lồ explain semantic priming dysfunction in this population.
The disturbance was higher for the exposed zone, where the crown cover of emergent trees was not closed.
A mild disturbance sự kiện, the treefall of a single or several trees, would favour the suppressed-sapling strategy.
The modelling confirmed that contemporary disturbance và environmental factors measured in the field are poor predictors of historical vegetation transitions on rain-forest boundaries.
At later times these "passive" modes become visible as pronounced wings in the disturbance spectrum in figure 10.
Furthermore, some types of communication disturbance may be more reactive sầu than others và this may reflect different underlying processes.
In that disturbance, 10% of the boles were damaged & 15 months" equivalent of pine needle litter fell.