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Cossacks II Anthology includes Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars and its stand-alone expansion paông chồng Cossacks II: Battle for Europe.– Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars:In Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars, lead your 19th century army to lớn glory in this much-anticipated sequel to lớn the internationally acclaimed Cossacks: European Wars. Whether fighting as Napoleon’s highly disciplined “Grande Armée”, the tenacious Russians và their Cossaông xã horsebaông xã warriors, the Austrians, Britons, Prussians, or Egyptians, the challenges will be daunting as you master weapons và tactics during a time that redefined modern warfare.– Massive sầu Historical Battles – Fight through battles of the 19th century, with massive sầu armies colliding in varied types of terrain và weather.– Varied trò chơi Play – Enjoy the strategic campaign for the dominance of Europe, follow in the footsteps of emperors và generals in history-inspired battles, or duke it out in open-ended skirmishes.– There’s More To Winning Than Combat – Learn to lớn weaken your enemies economically before the first musket volley is fired. Forge treaties, devise treacheries, or simply buy your opponents’ loyalties.– Realistic Troop Morale System – Only well-led, well-provisioned troops live long enough khổng lồ grow in experience and become valuable battlefield assets.– Cossacks II: Battle for Europe:Let the battle begin! The Cossacks II: Battle for Europe add-on continues the renowned Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars game. It depicts the rather short historic period of the Napoleonic wars. The Napoleon wars changed Europe forever, leading khổng lồ the formation of empires & putting an over to lớn almost one thousvà years of constant strife between small states. The game provides mass-scale battles between thousands-svào armies of the nations involved in conflicts during this period. The theatres of operation introduce France, Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia, Egypt, and three nations not represented in the original game – Spain, the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (Poland), và the Confederation of the Rhine.Cossacks II: Battle for Europe reconstructs in detail the soldiers’ uniforms weapons and architecture of each nation.

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Each nation’s army has its quality units và possibilities. The game includes over 180 units 190 buildings and 1200 flora and fauna elements. When developing the combat system the peculiarities of early 19th century warring were taken into account as was the value of formations provisions & troop morale. Tactical tricks utilized by military commanders of the time are fully reflected in the game. An “honest” system of bullet and cannonball ballistics based on physics is an innovative addition khổng lồ the Cossacks engine. Other engine features include 3-dimensional landscaping which creates realistic-looking scenery and towns & impacts combat tactics. For example the firing range of a subdivision of soldiers or a cannon positioned at the top of a hill is greater than the firing range of a unitstationed on flat terrain.– Control the French, Russians, Austrians, Britons, Prussians, or Egyptians — master new weapons và tactics during a time that redefined the meaning of modern warfare.– Fight through historically inspired battles of the 19th century, with massive sầu armies colliding in different types of terrain & weather.– Battles on real historical scale with tens of thausands of units on one bản đồ.– Realistic Troop Morale System – Well-fed troops live longer và grow in experience to become valuable battlefield assets, while fierce & overwhelming opponents, or marching long distances will cause morale khổng lồ drop.– Enhanced diplomacy tools help you create treaties that give sầu you the advantages




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