With Complete Edition, one final ingredient is added to the formula as enemy officers are also able to lớn make use of weapon switching, which in turn makes for some increasingly intense encounters. While it"s still possible khổng lồ mow down the opposition with ease on the lower tier difficulty settings, playing on normal or higher requires a bit more thought as you keep an eye on your foe"s movements & react accordingly. One problem that the series has always faced is that duels with characters of historical importance have sầu never quite held the gravity that they should. Annihilating whole hordes of soldiers only lớn get to their leader và similarly beat them khổng lồ a pulp makes for an enjoyable sense of being horribly overpowered, but the laông xã of challenge diminishes the epic concept behind these gloriously huge battles. Thankfully, all of the changes that we"ve sầu outlined above sầu help khổng lồ finally put a stop to lớn what can often be a fun but unrewarding experience.

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Of course, with an increased màn chơi cap & a whole host of powerful weapons, it won"t be long before you"re slaughtering anyone and anything that dares to lớn stvà in your way, và this is usually the point where you decide khổng lồ crank up the game"s difficulty. As previously mentioned, everything below normal is generally a walk in the park where, if you somehow get into a spot of trouble, unleashing a deadly musou attaông xã will be more than enough to lớn giảm giá with your aggressors. Tackling hard, very hard, chaos, or the newly added ultimate setting requires a lot more skill, however. Knowing how best lớn use your favoured character"s special attacks and being adept at utilising their equipped movemix is key lớn survival, as large enemy health bars mean that the best way to win is by keeping your foe in the air with well executed combos. There"s a definite learning curve here, but building up your favourite warriors and then using them to lớn demolish stronger and stronger opposition – who previously soaked up damage lượt thích it was nothing – leads lớn a very satisfying sense of empowerment.


Boasting 82 playable warriors & therefore 82 weapon types, there"s bound khổng lồ be at least a few fighters that you"ll fall in love with, be it because of their elegant designs or their particularly effective techniques. Every officer has access to two ex attacks – which are only usable when they"re equipped with their favourite bit of gear – along with three unique, destructive musou moves. The range of offensive abilities on offer gives you more freedom on the battlefield than ever, và the diversity certainly helps khổng lồ ensure that wading through oceans of grunts feels fresh, if familiar.

That said, if you"ve never been a người of the Warriors format then even this jump to lớn PS4 probably won"t sway you. But for fans, it represents the most refined và complete title in the franchise to lớn date. In our recent review of the PlayStation Vita version of the game, we lauded the handheld title"s ridiculous amount of nội dung, which includes dozens of new hypothetical and historical stages that further flesh out the release"s already gigantic story mode. On Sony"s new system, the wealth of things khổng lồ vày perhaps doesn"t seem quite as impressive as it does on a portable device, but it"s still going to take hours upon hours lớn see it all lớn completion. What worries us, however, is the thought that the inevitable sequel will feel horribly bare-bones in comparison to this quái thú, which also makes us wonder just how long Tecmo Koei is willing to go on producing the franchise"s somewhat controversial Xtreme Legends expansions.


Nevertheless, there"s no denying that the title carries a massive amount of value for money, especially since it"s being sold for slightly less than the standard price of retail PS4 games. With Sony"s newest console still in its infancy, those who are curious about Omega Force"s product may be persuaded khổng lồ give this a go, và it"s arguably the very best place lớn start not just because of its content, but because of its polished mechanics & systems.

Despite the inclusion of new characters, stages, weapons, music, and modes, the game"s graphics will no doubt become its biggest talking point. Being a visually upgraded PS3 game, it certainly doesn"t come cthảm bại to the aesthetic unique that exclusive sầu titles lượt thích inFAMOUS: Second Son command, but it"s definitely the best that Dynasty Warriors has ever looked. The eighth instalment"s moody lighting has been improved further, with sun rays bathing many battlefields in a warm glow, và the smaller details found on officer"s clothing make their models look quite impressive at times. Meanwhile, the release employs a blur effect that augments distant environments with a hazy, ethereal look. It"s a strange sight at first, but it provides the game with a much more atmospheric visual style. It also helps lớn obscure the rather poor texture work that you"ll sometimes find on rocks và buildings – although, as always, you"ll likely be too busy basking in the flashy effects that accompany your attacks to lớn notice.


There"s no question, however, that the most positive thing to come courtesy of the hardware"s power is the title"s solid technical performance. While there are still instances where the frame rate will drop ever so slightly during colossal brawls, they"re far more forgivable because of just how many troops the game can render on screen at any one time. At its very best, the release absolutely packs scenarios with grunts, & here you"ll be able lớn pichồng out soldiers that are fighting miles into the distance. When you"re utterly surrounded by entire armies, it"s hard not khổng lồ stare in disbelief at how whole platoons swarm the area, almost to the point where you can barely make out your character, before you smash hundreds of them away with a single strike. At long last, it finally seems like Dynasty Warriors is able lớn fulfil its ambition of creating battlefields that look và feel alive sầu with the help of the new hardware.

So if the PS4"s Complete Edition is the pinnacle of the franchise, where does it still manage lớn go wrong? Recurring problems are usually on h& lớn prevent the series from attaining true greatness, và unfortunately, that continues khổng lồ be the case here. Since the seventh title, developer Omega Force has tried to tell a more cinematic story based on the three kingdoms era, but the more it focuses on dramatic events, the more the narrative sầu becomes disjointed from the actual gameplay. For example, you can obliterate thousands of troops with little effort during gameplay, but in cutscenes, main characters will usually be killed off by a mere arrow or a handful of adversaries. It"s a relatively accurate depiction of the source material, but it completely fails lớn gel with the release"s bombastic & over-the-top nature. Worse still is when you"re forced lớn follow strict objectives during battle, such as coordinating ambushes or leading foes into traps, even though you"re more than capable of winning through sheer brute strength alone. Until this disparity is patched up, it"s always going to be difficult khổng lồ really feel involved with the scenarquả táo that unfold, and although the voice cast tkết thúc to lớn vị the best that they can, the series is never going lớn tell a truly engrossing tale when lines of dialogue are so awkwardly executed in order to sync with the character"s cheesy animations.

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Without question the biggest, best looking, & most refined Warriors title on the battlefield, Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition is an absolute must buy for fans, while newcomers will find themselves jumping into lớn the action at the most opportune time. Although the franchise will have sầu to lớn grind its recurring issues inkhổng lồ dust before its next outing, we have a feeling that you won"t be seeing an entry that"s this robust for a long, long time.

Great 8/10

Scoring PolicyĐánh Giá copy provided by Tecmo Koei


Robert"s been a dedicated PlayStation fan since the days of Tekken 2, and he still loves a good dust up. When he"s not practising combos, he"s usually getting lost in the lakiểm tra 100-hour RPG, or, y"know, replaying The Witcher 3.


Tue 1st Apr 2014

Oh very nice. Got this game preordered & can"t wait to finally get my hands on it this Friday. Hoping that many more musou games get the PS4 treatment.From Koei that might be a given, but I really wish Capcom would bởi the same with Sengoku Basara 4...


Tue 1st Aquảng cáo 2014

Already got it preordered & it"s the first title for the Ps4 that I"ve sầu been looking forward
ShogunRok your description of the technical aspects of the game are enough to justify the purchase for me sounds to be quite the improvement over the Ps3 version


Tue 1st Aquảng bá 2014

Played there, felt been there...I hope orochi got translated because I cannot st& a nornal dinasty warior anymore. The new samurai need ps4 edition too


divinelite Samurai Warriors 4? Already announced for Ps4 as Famitsu ran a comparison of the Ps3 & Ps4 versions last week. No word on a localisation yet tho

MadchesterManc Thanks very much. Yeah, technically I found it to lớn be much better than the PS3 version, và that was already solid apart from a few specifically demanding scenarquả táo. But seriously, the amount of troops that you"ll see on screen at once during the bigger battles is absolutely crazy.

Tue 1st Aquảng cáo 2014

MadchesterManc wowThanks for the info. Now wait for localization...

Tue 1st Aquảng cáo 2014

divinelite No problem Not played a release in the series since Samurai Warriors 2 Empires myself so im looking lớn jump in again và see how things are if 4 makes its way west

ShogunRok That last part of your reply had me rolling around on the floor lượt thích Yui Hirasawa at the mention of cake. Really looking forward lớn picking up my copy at the weekend

Tue 1st Aquảng cáo 2014

Yep, very excited, I"ll be spending my weekover on this. I think I"ll probably love sầu the shoddy cutscenes.

Tue 1st Atruyền thông quảng cáo 2014

Glad to hear it"s refining things. I"m personally not interested in this game, but I loved the DDW6: Empires, so I am very much looking forward khổng lồ DW8: Empires on PS4. I wonder when they will announce it.

Xem thêm: " Wisely Là Gì ? Nghĩa Của Từ 'Wisely' Là Gì

ShogunRok Thanks I know this Review is 3 years old but I am looking inkhổng lồ these games now after playing Dragon Quest Heroes II.