Endocrine Là Gì

relating to any of the organs of the body toàn thân that make hormones (= chemicals that make the body grow và develop) and put them into lớn the blood, or to the hormones that they make

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of or relating lớn any of the organs of the toàn thân that make hormones (= chemicals which make the body toàn thân grow & develop) and put them inlớn the blood, or the hormones that they make
Jobs died of tumors originating in the endocrine glands, which are among muốn the rarer forms of pancreatic cancer.
One of the more controversial topics in the field is the possibility that even tiny amounts of endocrine disruptors can profoundly affect the body.
They can contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, known carcinogens that can also disrupt endocrine systems in both humans and wildlife.
Endocrine organs -- including the thyroid, pituitary, & adrenal glands -- produce particular molecules that fit inkhổng lồ particular receptors on cells, unleashing a chain of biochemical events.
Our emotions are born in our nervous system & trigger neurochemical changes, after which hormones are released in your endocrine system.
Kidney problems, some endocrine abnormalities and some drugs (such as arthritis medicines & birth control pills) can cause what is known as secondary hypertension.
Why would anyone put an ingredient associated with asthma, skin sensitivity and endocrine disruption inkhổng lồ children"s products?
It"s involved in immune functions, it"s involved in endocrine regulation và it"s involved in memory.

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