How To Reduce Lag In Android Games: 7 Methods


How khổng lồ Deal with Lagging Phones? Try These Solutions

Smart phone suddenly starts to lớn lag. How khổng lồ fix this issue? Here are some situation-based solutions.

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How to Fix Phone Lag When Unlocking the Screen?

Clear Notifications

Too many notifications in the notification bar may cause slow or stuck on loading screens. You can manually select and remove sầu them or tap to lớn clear all.

Disable Notifications from Unnecessary Apps

Go khổng lồ Settings, tìm kiếm Notifications, then tap the unnecessary app và disable Allow notifications.

Turn off Screen or Restart

If the screen is frozen, turn it off or reboot the phone, then try unlocking the screen again.

How khổng lồ Fix Lag When Using Third-Party Apps?

Remove sầu Background Apps

Too many apps running in the background may cause lag due khổng lồ insufficient memory. Follow the steps below to lớn clear them:

Virtual navigation: cảm ứng

at the bottom, then tap .


Gestures: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen và hold khổng lồ show all apps running in the background, then touch .


Front navigation button: Swipe left or right on it khổng lồ show all apps running in the background, & then tap .


Clean up with Optimizer

You can go lớn Optimizer>Cleanup, delete useless data, and uninstall rarely used apps, to lớn ensure the available memory above sầu 20%.

Reboot khổng lồ Clear Cache

The phone will generate loads of cađậy if not turned off for a long time, which may result in lag issue. Consider restarting your phone once a week.

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Disable (Ultra) Power nguồn Saving Mode

In the power saving mode or low battery condition, the phone will reduce performance to lớn save power.

Access Settings>Battery, disable nguồn Saving mode and Ultra Power Saving mode, and ensure the battery percentage above sầu 20%.


Use Stable Networks

Poor network will cause apps to launch slowly or even get stuông xã. A good Internet connection can avoid this situation.

*Reminder: Too many devices connecting to the same network may also cause lag and instability even it shows full 4G signal.

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Keep Flash on and Focus Manually

The camera processes the image lớn improve sầu its quality in low-light conditions, which may take a few seconds to lớn complete. To reduce the time required, you can enable Flash and touch the screen lớn focus manually.

Uninstall Third-Party Photography Apps

Third-tiệc ngọt photography apps may conflict with the preinstalled Camera App. Uninstall those apps và then try again.

Clear the Camera Cache

Go to Settings, tìm kiếm and tap Apps, touch Camera>Storage>CLEAR DATA & CLEAR CACHE. This will restore the Camera parameters to lớn its default values but will not delete photos in Gallery.

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Apart from the solutions above sầu, you can also take your device and proof of purchase khổng lồ an Authorised Service Center for help. All the certified technicians there will vì their best to deliver you high-unique and warm services.

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*Reminder: 1. The instructions above sầu are followed with EMUI 10.1 as an example. It may be slightly different in other versions. Please adjust according lớn your actual situation. 2. The data on the device will be deleted during repair. Please back up your data before repair.