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He argues that in allowing citizens khổng lồ participate in policy decisions, direct democracy bolsters civic virtues since the very system tells voters they are to lớn be trusted.

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Preventing pauperism required maintenance of the prevailing "quasi-market" - underpinned by property và labour markets but bolstered by the financial và political interests of government, especially local authorities.
Considerations of established conventions và their modifications tend to lớn encourage anti-generic evaluative positions, judgements which are then bolstered by appealing to influential aesthetic systems.
In addition khổng lồ the difficulties inherent in this type of research, the present study is bolstered by a number of methodological strengths.
There were therefore positive repercussions in allowing banks access khổng lồ global finance, in turn, bolstering the flow of credit to the real economy.
The application of quantitative techniques & precise rules to combine research findings from various independent studies bolsters the scientific rigor of the aggregated literature with meta-analysis as the primary approach.
The cultural task of selling had much more to vày with entrenching hierarchies, reinforcing hegemonic assumptions, and bolstering expectations of coherence.
Vocal music, because it was bolstered by a text that affirmed the music"s meaning & intellectual content, fared better than instrumental music.
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