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Browser MMORPG based on popular manga - A browser-based MMORPG based on the popular manga/anime, featuring automated combat và lots of leveling.

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Genre: action, mmorpg

Setting: fantasy

Hunter X Hunter began its life as a modest manga that soon exploded in popularity. Its first anime series premiered in 1999 (and then another in 2011). The manga was also adapted into lớn quite a few video clip games. Now it’s a free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG. Fans of the manga và anime will surely find a lot to like here, và if it’s their first MMORPG of this nature, it will feel fresh, but this is definitely not a fresh formula. Almost everything in Hunter X Hunter Online has been seen elsewhere. Fortunately, though, HXH Online (as it will henceforth be called) does it all well.Bạn vẫn xem: Đánh Giá of hunter x hunter online

➔ Main points:

Browser-based RPGLots of customizationBased on the popular manga/anime propertyFlash-based graphics và low system requirements

Full Review

For the most part, HXH Online plays itself. You tell your tiệc nhỏ where to lớn go, and they vày the dirty work of killing any enemies all on their own. Along the way, you will gain plenty of experience & items to bolster your forces even more and allow them to lớn kill even stronger enemies. It’s a satisfying loop, even if it’s rather hands-off about the entire thing.

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Climbing that Mountain

HXH Online offers up plenty of rewards as you play, from the aforementioned XP và gear, lớn milestones that grants various types of currency, as well as Vitality (HXH’s stamimãng cầu system). The game ultimately boils down khổng lồ a big extravaganza of regularly opening menus và hitting the “claim” button to lớn reap any of those juicy rewards.

Rewards that will be useful when you come across for your first hill.


City life.

And hills you shall find. MMORPGs such as this can be defined by how long it takes before you hit a wall of some kind. For some games, it could be hours if not days. For others, it’s not too long at all. Unfortunately, HXH falls inkhổng lồ this category. It’s not long before you run inlớn the first mission that your team can’t simply plow its way through. At that point, there is but one option: commence the grind. At first, that comes down to rerunning previous missions khổng lồ advance in màn chơi. HXH has a mechanic that makes that easier: auto-loot. Basically, this simply automatically farms a given mission và gives you any XP and loot you would’ve gotten had you run it manually.


The story missions.

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Plethora of Activies

Fortunately, HXH Online has plenty lớn bởi vì outside of the story missions, và a lot of it isn’t dependent on Vitality. Solo mode has challenges khổng lồ complete while, well, solo. Most of them scale quickly, so it’s a process of clearing what you can then coming back later for more, with an exception lớn the PvP mode, which pits two players against each other lớn see who is more powerful. That only allows for 5 battles a day. Another solo mode option is the Sky Aremãng cầu. These increasingly difficult fights rewards Sky Coins, a currency that can be used to lớn purchase various gear và resources. The Aremãng cầu resets once a day, so the more powerful you become, the benefit it offers each day.

When there’s nothing left lớn vị và you’ve expended all your Vitality, there’s still one last thing that will advance your character: AFK Mode. As one might imagine, AFK Mode is just that, a way khổng lồ grind without actually having khổng lồ be present for anything. Sure, the game normally plays itself during combat, but there’s still plenty of clicking khổng lồ be done while doing nothing. In AFK Mode, none of that nonsense is necessary. It’s also the place where acquire the Code nhà cửa, và where you get the resources needed to upgrade them. So even if you find yourself playing HXH Online 24 hours a day, then there’s still a good reason to lớn spkết thúc some time AFKing.


A glimpse of combat.

Graphics & Conclusion

On a technical level, HXH Online is a flash game, a browser-based one at that, so it’s certainly not a graphical powerhouse. It utilizes 3D models và 2D environments. Having 3 chiều assets at all helps to lớn elevate the game a little from a lot of its competition. That, & the game’s animations, are all well done, all things considered. There is a moment that draws you out when the characters jump to their targets khổng lồ attack, instead of simply moving. But overall, the fights are pretty fun to watch, và you can turn on option khổng lồ complete all fights at a faster tốc độ. Though graphically the game is all right, there is certainly something left wanting in the English localization. It’s not incomprehensible, but there are a few humorous moments.

All in all, much like other MMORPGs of this nature, HXH Online has a lot in common with an idle or managerial/farm game.If the combat happens automatically, then all you’re really left with is the upkeep part of the game, và there’s a lot of satisfaction khổng lồ be by maximizing your power and managing your team.

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I mean, really, who doesn’t love sầu khổng lồ watch numbers grow bigger? As for the pay-to-win side of things, HXH Online gives you plenty to lớn vày, and plenty of wars lớn earn resources and currencies without spending a dime.