Teased constantly by classmate Takagi-san, middle-schooler Nishikata swears payback by trying (and failing) khổng lồ give her a dose of her own medicine.

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While sharing a textbook with Takagi after forgetting his own, Nishikata foolishly tries khổng lồ pull off a word-prank.


With Valentine's Day upon them, Nishikata tries to lớn hide the fact that he's hoping to get some chocolate from Takagi, but she sees right through hlặng.


Nishikata tries khổng lồ pull off a few pranks against Takagi on April Fools' Day, but she asks for a day không tính phí of tricks between them.

After easily defeating his classmates in arm wrestling, things don't go quite as well for Nishikata when Takagi challenges hyên khổng lồ a match after class.

It's Nishikata's birthday! While on his way lớn buy his own cake for some reason, he runs into Takagi.

When Nishikata & Takagi go to lớn the snaông xã shop hungry, they end up buying more than they planned. Then, their classmate shows up.

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While at camp, Nishikata hears that if you're holding hands with someone you lượt thích at the end of a folk dance, they'll lượt thích you back.

While cleaning up in the gym storage unit with Takagi, Nishikata pretends the door won't open, only to lớn find that they really are locked in.

Nishikata wants to lớn surprise Takagi with a handmade surprise, but something seems to lớn be going on with her. Later, he spots her xe đạp at the shrine.

On their way home page from school, Nishikata and Takagi find what looks lượt thích a treasure map. They decide to lớn follow it.

One day during summer vacation, a confident Nishikata pretends khổng lồ run into Takagi accidentally: he's prepared what he thinks is a fail-proof prank.

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Nishikata & Takagi are mistaken for a couple on their way to lớn the summer festival. Nishikata can't deny it fast enough, but then they get separated.

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