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The powers that previous mayors enjoyed were seriously impeded, & they became powerless to solve citizens" economic and social problems.
The author determined khổng lồ meet some of these people & decided on a visit khổng lồ the village mayor khổng lồ seek his aid.
Like elected village chiefs, the currently nominated mayors find themselves in an ambiguous situation.
Letters were written almost daily to lớn prefects and sub-prefects, a little less frequently lớn mayors of other provinces, the districts and municipal employees.
Those who had only recently been mayors or public officials or labour activists were of course included.
The alert mayor was particularly adept at locating a variety of political resources and mobilizing them khổng lồ gain influence.
The mayors" offices, which were the distribution centres at the local màn chơi, were not designed as high-security institutions.
Crucially enough, although discharging important official duties, the mayor was paid no salary by the government.
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