Mua Razer Phone Ở Đâu

This is freedom of play, redefined. Our Smartphone gaming và lifestyle audio products are crafted khổng lồ seamlessly integrate gaming inkhổng lồ every aspect of yourlife.
The luxury of playing your favorite AAA game is no longer confined khổng lồ the domain of PC or Console—you can now savor this experience on your smartphone or tablet anywhere you go with Smartphone controllers.

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Make your move with our award-winning universal di động controller that fits most smartphone devices, designed to lớn bring console-cấp độ control và comfort lớn your on-the-gogaming.

Armed with full-fledged advanced features, this gaming controller syncs with your Android Smartphone device to lớn deliver the ultimate competitive sầu edge.

Elevate your precision và execution with a portable dual-sided gaming controller for Android packed with features that will secure you the top spot in the hunt.
Whether you’re working from home page or immersed in entertainment, our industry-leading Bluetooth không dây low-latency audio deliver smooth, stutter-không tính phí sound and seamless connectivity.

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See & hear the world in a different light with cutting-edge audio glasses that protect your eyes & immerse yourears.

When you’re filling those few minutes in line at the coffee cửa hàng or commuting to lớn work with a quick game or listening khổng lồ that banger on repeat, has the accessory that lets fellow gamers know they’re aý muốn their own.
Protect your investment while experiencing better device performance & improved phone cooling with a Thermaphene Performance layer for maximum heatdissipation.

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Keep your devices powered up và thiết lập blazing bright with 10W wireless fast charging và Chroma™RGB.