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Russian enthusiasts have sầu shown off what a potential modern Need for Speed Underground 2 Remaster could look like if released sometime in 2022 with the updated graphics.

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Unofficial Need for Speed Underground 2 Remastered trailer debuted on the Odonata Cinema channel on YouTube on July 7, và the clip has surpassed 70,000 views in less than two days. The creators seemingly blended CGI effects with real-life video clip footage khổng lồ create both an original and nostalgic vision of a cult racing title.

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Featuring iconic Riders on the Storm music score by The Doors, the video clip of the 2004’s reimagined classic gives you a glimpse of Bayview thành phố streets and its fast cars. The fans have sầu recreated Underground 2’s cinematic intro with airport arrival và introduction to Rachel Teller (originally performed by Brooke Burke). It was her green customized Nissan 350Z which players enjoyed during the first racing sections.

Other iconic Need for Speed guest cars have sầu also appeared in the footage, including Most Wanted’s BMW M3 GTR & Underground’s Nissan Skyline GT-R.

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Those cars weren’t featured in the original Underground 2 game, but still are some of the most recognizable aước ao the fans of the series.

Of course, the new Underground 2 Remastered clip is totally unofficial, with no ties at all lớn Electronic Arts whatsoever. The footage was created by Russian company Odonata, a group that specializes in car and motorsport commercials. The production team hinted there’s plenty of Easter eggs in the video, including the ending inspired by Furious 7, where Dominic Toretto và Brian O’Conner drive sầu in different directions.

In addition, just recently EA has delisted a bunch of Need for Speed games from digital storefronts. The title’s online services will remain available until August 31 for all owners.

Meanwhile, the new Need for Speed game from Criterion Games is already in development with the 2022 release window.

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