Secular Order


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the way in which people or things are arranged, either in relation khổng lồ one another or according lớn a particular characteristic:
I can"t find the file I need because they"re all out of order (= they are no longer arranged in the correct way).
an official instruction telling someone what they can or cannot do, or a written instruction khổng lồ a ngân hàng to pay money khổng lồ a particular person
He put his affairs in order (= made arrangements for his personal and business matters) before he went into the hospital.

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After some heated discussion, the chairperson called the meeting khổng lồ order (= told everyone to lớn stop talking so that the meeting could continue).
an expression used in a parliament or a formal meeting to get people"s attention and make them stop talking, so that the meeting or discussion can start or continue
a group of people who join together for religious or similar reasons & live according to particular rules:
We use so that and in order that to talk about purpose. We often use them with modal verbs (can, would, will, etc.). So that is far more common than in order that, & in order that is more formal: …
< + two objects > There are no shirts left in this kích cỡ but we could order one for you/order you one.
If a person in authority orders someone to vì something, or orders something khổng lồ be done, they tell someone to bởi it:
the way in which people or things are arranged in relation to one another or according khổng lồ a particular characteristic:
I can’t find the files I need because they’re all out of order (= they are not arranged in the correct way).

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