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Free Fire is a widely popular battle royale game available for miễn phí on AndroidiOS devices. The game offers different game modes, characters, a plethora of in-game items, cosmetics và more. Free Fire also has a điện thoại Esports scene that has evolved a lot in the past year.

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High ping issue in online gaming is something that needs addressing as soon as possible. Because if persisted, it makes the game unplayable & also unbearable to lớn watch. So today we are going to lớn talk about a few methods và changes that players can try khổng lồ solve high ping issue in Garena Free Fire.

Garemãng cầu Free Fire: Reducing high ping issue


1.) Connect to the nearest server

Free Fire amass many Asian online player counts. So, most of the servers for the game are located all around Asia. Though there are also some servers that players from other regions can use lớn play Free Fire. The most probable answer for a high ping issue in Free Fire is connecting to a wrong hệ thống.

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While Free Fire can auto decide the VPS based on your region và Country. We encourage players lớn check on which VPS they are playing the game. And if there is a VPS with less ping then switch khổng lồ that hệ thống. Here is a danh mục of Free Fire servers for your reference.

Free Fire Server Mexiteo.Free fire Server Đất Nước Thái Lan.Free fire Server Singapore.Free fire Server India.Free fire Server Vietphái mạnh.Free fire Server Indonesia.Free fire Server Brazil.Free fire Server Hiroshima.Free fire Server Nepal.

2.) VPN

When it comes to lớn the role of VPNs in online gaming, many players have sầu a wrong idea. Some people think that connecting to lớn VPN increases your ping or latency. Also, it reduces your mạng internet tốc độ. However, that is not entirely true.

Connectivity, Speed and Latency depkết thúc on which VPN you are using và also if it is premium or not. We prefer Exit Lag VPN as it tự động connects us lớn the best hệ thống. It not only solves the high ping problem, but it also helps with fps, packet loss và more.

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Sadly, Exit Lag is not available on sản phẩm điện thoại platforms. However, there are some alternatives like SurfShark & NordVPN that players can try to reduces ping in Free Fire. Once players have decided which VPN to use, connect to the Country that offers a Free Fire hệ thống & that’s all.

3.) Background apps

Closing the background apps will not vị much when it comes to high ping issues. Though it will help you khổng lồ reduce the ping by 10 lớn 20. As you may know, in computers, thiết bị di động or any such other device every action uses some resources. Some might use the network resource while some use other resources like memory, processor & such.

Players who have sầu a lot of apps(especially apps lượt thích youtube, google chrome or such) opened in the background can reduce their in-game ping by closing them up.

4.) Opt for a better internet connection
Image Credit: Hritwik | A normal 10-trăng tròn USD per month connection is more than enough to lớn play Garemãng cầu Free Fire.

The best and easiest way of reducing ping. Get a good mạng internet connection. Now, we don’t want khổng lồ say that we have sầu some magical tutorials lớn solve sầu high ping problems. As you all know, connectivity is one of the major aspects of online gaming. A good connection means a seamless gaming experience.

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If you are having a ping issue even after trying out the above sầu steps. Then its time khổng lồ get a good broadbvà connection. And, if you already have a good internet connection & still facing high ping issue in Free Fire, then you should talk to your ISPhường and get the issue resolved.

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