at one with someone

tóm tắt the same view as someone The other members of the committee are at one with me over my decision to lớn fire the lazy worker.

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at someone

always ready khổng lồ serve sometoàn thân His eldest daughter is always at his beck and call when he spends an evening at home page.

at someone"s

at someone"s In addition to idioms beginning with at someone"s, also see idioms beginning with at one"s.

at someone"s beck and call

at someone"s beông xã và call Required lớn comply with someone"s requests or commands, as in The trùm expects the entire staff khổng lồ be at his beông xã và điện thoại tư vấn. The noun bechồng, now obsolete except in this idiom, meant “a gesture or signal of commvà, such as a nod or h& movement,” whereas hotline signifies “a vocal summons.” Also see dance attendance on.

at someone"s elbow

at someone"s elbow
Immediately beside someone, cthua kém by, as in The apprentice was constantly at the master"s elbow. Why this idiom focuses on the elbow rather than the arm, shoulder, or some other toàn thân part is not known. Moreover, it can mean either that someone is so nearby as to constitute a nuisance or in order khổng lồ readily provide assistance. Either can be meant in the example above.

at someone"s feet, be

at someone"s feet, be
Also, sit at someone"s feet. Be enchanted or fascinated by someone, as in Dozens of boys are at her feet, or Bill sat at his mentor"s feet for nearly three years, but he gradually became disillusioned and left the university. For a quite different meaning, see under one"s feet.

at someone"s heels

at someone"s heels Also, on someone"s heels. Immediately behind, in cđại bại pursuit. This idiom is used both literally, as in Jean"s dog was always at her heels, và figuratively, as in Although his company dominated the công nghệ, he always felt that his competitors were on his heels. This idiom appeared in the 14th-century romance Sir Gawain và the Green Knight. The expression is sometimes intensified as hard on someone"s heels or hot on someone"s heels. Also see on the heels of.

at someone"s mercy

at someone"s mercy see at the mercy of.

at someone"s request

at someone"s request
On being asked lớn vày something, as in At my request they"ll move us to lớn another room, or I"m speaking at his request. <1300s> Also see by request.

at someone"s service

at someone"s service
Ready khổng lồ help someone, at someone"s disposal, as in The tour guide said he was at our service for the rest of the afternoon.

attover lớn someone

take care or khuyến mãi with someone The doctor attended to the other patient before he got to lớn my mother.

baông xã someone up

tư vấn someone: "Thank you for backing me up in the meeting."

bad-mouth someone|bad mouth|mouth

v., slang To say uncomplimentary or libelous things about someone; deliberately lớn damage another"s reputation. It"s not nice to bad mouth people.

badger someone

get someone khổng lồ vị something by repeated questions or by bothering them I always have to badger my friover in order to make hlặng return my computer game software.

bail someone or something out

help or rescue The government has decided to lớn bail out the troubled ngân hàng.

ball is in someone"s court

be someone else"s move or turn The ball was in the union"s court after the company made their final offer.

be at someone"s beông xã & call

khổng lồ always be ready lớn vì what someone wants: "As the office junior, she was at his beông xã and Call all day."

be fed up with (with someone or something)

be out of patience (with someone

be in someone else"s shoes|in someone else"s shoes

v. phr. To be in someone else"s situation. Fred has had so much trouble recently that we ought khổng lồ be grateful we"re not in his shoes.

be in someone"s good books|be in someone"s bad boo

be in favour (or disfavour) with someone: "I"m not in her good books today - I messed up her report."

be the táo bị cắn of someone"s eye

be someone"s favourite person: "She"s the táo bị cắn of her father"s eye."

beat a path khổng lồ someone"s door

beat a path to someone"s door
Come to lớn someone in great numbers, as in Ever since she appeared on television, agents have been beating a path to lớn her door. The term beat a path alludes lớn the trampling action of many feet.

beat seven shades of shit out of someone

khổng lồ thoroughly beat up

beat someone at his or her own game

beat someone at his or her own game
Surpass someone in his or her own specialty or undertaking. For example, Jean knew that if she matched the new store"s discount she would keep all her customers và beat the new competitors at their own game. The use of game for any kind of undertaking or scheme dates from the mid-1200s.

Beat someone lớn the draw

(USA) If you beat someone lớn the draw, you vì chưng something before they bởi.

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beat someone lớn the punch (draw)

bởi vì something before others He beat me lớn the punch and arrived at the interview first.

Beat the daylights out of someone

If someone beats the daylights out of another person, they hit them repeatedly. ("Knock" can also be used & it can be made even stronger by saying "the living daylights".)

Behind someone"s back

If you do something behind someone"s baông xã, you do it without telling them.

bover over backwards for someone

vày everything possible to lớn help someone: "She bent over backwards for them when they first arrived in the town."

Bkết thúc someone"s ear

To bover someone"s ear is to talk to lớn someone about something for a long-enough period that it becomes tiresome for the listener.

Bite someone"s head off

If you bite someone"s head off, you criticise them angrily.

bleed someone white

bleed someone white
Extort money, take someone"s last penny. For example, That contractor would have bled the department trắng, but fortunately he was apprehended in time. Presumably this term alludes lớn losing so much blood that one turns pale (and perhaps also khổng lồ the idea that money is the life blood of commerce).

blow someone out

lớn rudely cancel (an arranged meeting with someone)"I"m going lớn blow out my brother & go to lớn that new club night instead"

blow someone to

blow someone to
Treat someone to lớn something, as in Let me blow you to dinner.

bore someone rigid

lớn bore someone greatly

brain someone

brain someone
Hit someone hard on the head. For example, The roof collapsed and a bunk of plaster brained hlặng, or I"ll brain you if you don"t get to those dishes! This term is used both literally (first example) & hyperbolically (second example).

break someone

break someone
In addition lớn the idioms beginning with break someone, also see under break one. * * * - break someone - break someone of something - break someone"s heart - break someone"s serve sầu - break someone up

break someone of something

break someone of something
Cause lớn discontinue a habit or practice, as in Mom tried for years khổng lồ break Betty of biting her nails. The Oxford English Dictionary cites a quotation from W. Wotton"s History of Rome (1701): “He ... broke them of their warm Baths,” which presumably refers khổng lồ breaking Romans of their custom of bathing regularly. Today we are more apt to lớn break someone of a bad habit.

break someone up

break someone up
see under break up, def. 5.

break someone"s heart

make someone feel very disappointed/discouraged/sad.

break someone"s serve

break someone"s serve
In tennis và related sports, win a game served by one"s opponent, as in The only way he"ll win the match is to break Bill"s serve sầu. The use of serve sầu, from the earlier service, meaning “starting play” in these sports, dates from the early 1600s.

break up (with someone)

stop a relationship She broke up with her boyfriover last June.

breathe down someone"s neck

kiểm tra constantly what someone else is doing: "I can"t write this letter with you breathing down my neck!"

bring trang chủ the importance of something to lớn someone

make someone fully realize something He was unable khổng lồ bring trang chính the importance of arriving early for the meeting.

bring someone inkhổng lồ line

persuade someone to lớn agree with you He was finally able khổng lồ bring the other members of the committee inlớn line.

Bring someone to book

If somebody is brought lớn book, they are punished or made to account for something they have done wrong.

Bring someone to lớn heel

If you bring someone lớn heel, you make them obey you.("call someone to heel" is also used.)

bug (someone)

bother, irritate, get lớn me That scraping noise bugs me. It"s quite annoying.

bug someone

annoy or irritate someone My frikết thúc is beginning to lớn bug me with his constant questions.

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burn someone up

burn someone up
see burn up, def. 1.

play around (with someone)

in. lớn waste time; khổng lồ waste someone’s time. Stop playing around và get to work. 2. in. lớn flirt or have sầu an affair with someone. Those two have sầu been playing around for months. 3. in. to tease, deceive sầu, or try lớn trick someone. You’re playing around with me. Leave me alone. Learn more: around, play, someoneLearn more: