How To Play Pokémon Tcg Online: Get Started On Pc


One of the reasons I keep coming back khổng lồ Poketháng TCG Online is because of how well it treats free-to-play players. If you know what you’re doing, you can easily start getting the best cards in the game within a week. In this Pokemon TCG Online trading guide, I’ll take you through the entire process of going from “new account, have sầu nothing” khổng lồ “winning tournaments, collecting more decks”.

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Step 1: Play Versus matches until you get 500 Coins

As a beginner with barely any cards in your Collection, you will have lớn exclusively play the Theme format for a while. Theme decks are pre-made decks that can be bought from the in-game siêu thị for coins. All of these decks cost the same (500 Coins), making it easier for new players lớn get a head start by acquiring the best Theme deông xã quickly.

The one small challenge new players face is getting these 500 Coins in the first place. The game gives you a không tính phí deck called Mental Might, & three easily unlockable decks, each with one legendary bird. All of these decks are lackluster, & don’t stand up against better Theme decks.

When you begin your first matches with one of these weak Theme decks, resign if you see an opponent that doesn’t have sầu any of them. The game has a pretty convenient matchmaking system that will immediately match you against weaker decks if you aren’t winning much. There’s no official rating system, so you have nothing to đại bại by resigning.

Keep playing Versus matches until you have sầu 500 Coins. It doesn’t take long, but the real fun of Poketháng TCG Online starts once you get your hands on a good dechồng.

Step 2: Get a Theme deck from the Shop

Once you have sầu obtained 500 Coins, head over lớn the “Decks” thực đơn in the Shop and get a Theme deck.

Theme decks can be exchanged for 500 coins at the Shop

Relentless Flame is currently one of the best decks in the game. I highly recommend it for new players, because it is easy to learn & will help you tốc độ through the Versus ladder quickly with plenty of win streaks. We have a dedicated Relentless Flame deông chồng guide to lớn help you use it. If the deông xã doesn’t look fun lớn you, go for one of the other meta decks: Unseen Depths, Soaring Storm, or the Rillaboom Theme Deông xã.

The Versus ladder is lượt thích a Battle Pass with rewards. It’s miễn phí for everyone and has plenty of great rewards.

Versus ladder Tier 2 rewards

Step 3: Play Versus for Tickets while also collecting Booster Packs

As you play the Versus ladder, you will obtain Coins, Tickets, Booster Packs, & Chests. Use your Coins khổng lồ gather more Theme decks if you want, or go straight for Booster Packs in the Shop.

All the cards that you obtain through these methods will be trade-locked, but will help you build up your collection easily.

You can obtain Coins, Tickers, và Booster Packs through Daily Rewards as well

An important thing to lớn underst& about trading is Poketháng TCG Online is that not all cards are tradable. All the cards that your Theme Decks contain – or cards from Booster Packs that you obtain from the Item Shop – are un-tradable.

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However, all of these cards can still be used when you start making your own decks.


Booster Packs are the lootboxes of Pokemon TCG Online. The great thing about this game is that there is no way to lớn buy Coins or Tickets in-game. You pretty much have khổng lồ earn everything.

Players bởi buy codes online, since physical Pokemon packs have sầu codes on them that people regularly sell for a cheap price. You don’t have lớn buy them at all, however, since it’s pretty easy lớn get tradeable packs in Pokemon TCG Online.

Step 4: Play Tournaments khổng lồ get tradeable packs

While you use your Coins to lớn buy Booster Packs & Theme Decks, you use your Tickets to lớn enter Events. Theme Deông chồng tournaments cost 4 Tickets and the rewards include guaranteed tradeable packs.

Here’s what a tournament finale looks lượt thích & the rewards I won. At the over of the đoạn phim, note how the packs I’ve obtained have sầu a trade inhỏ on them.

Watch this Clip on YouTube

The rewards that you earn from these tournaments can be used lớn trade and obtain the cards you desire. Never, ever open these packs. There’s always a high chance that you won’t get any good cards. If that happens, the pack loses all of its value. Use these packs to trade and buy other packs or cards.

Step 5: Use a value guide lớn trade, profit, và grow

Trading in Pokemon TCG Online requires you khổng lồ rely on a thẻ value guide that will update you on the real-time price of cards. Most players use PTCGOprices as a point of reference.


You can look up specific cards or Booster Packs và determine your selling and buying price. Say a Booster Pachồng has a value of 1.0 – you should find a thẻ that is valued around 1.2-1.5, & try to lớn trade that Booster Paông chồng for that thẻ. Once you have sầu that card, try trading it for a thẻ that is valued at around 1.8. Then, trade that card for something that is valued at 2.0.

cảnh báo, that all trades expire after a predetermined period of time. Trades that are about to expire appear at the top of the page. This means that setting your trade for the lowest possible time period (8 hours) & renewing it repeatedly is the best way lớn get noticed by more people. Creating a trade offer costs a small number of Coins that scales linearly, so you’re never losing out on Coins.

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Repeat steps 3 to 5 in this Poketháng TCG Online trading guide. Have multiple trades active at any given time & keep trading till you get the cards you want. The playerbase is pretty active and you can easily find buyers và sellers for most items at any time of the day.