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intending or intended to lớn produce a good result or avoid a problem, rather than waiting until there is a problem: proactive in doing sth The insurance industry should be more proactive sầu in dealing with the increasing problem of insurance fraud.

proactive sầu about sth “Employees need to lớn be proactive sầu about their workplace rights,” said one union official. Making the decision : instances of a relatively proactive sầu và planned approach khổng lồ deciding that placement was needed. Their preventive sầu, proactive potential is perhaps the most important advantage of both unit- và team-based ethics. Các quan điểm của những ví dụ ko bộc lộ ý kiến của những chỉnh sửa viên Cambridge Dictionary hoặc của Cambridge University Press tuyệt của các công ty cấp giấy phép. That is, the role of constructive sầu, proactive parenting in decreasing children”s disruptive antisocial behavior patterns was strongest for children who initially had many problems. In the latter study, maternal proactive sầu parenting practices with aggressive sầu, disruptive 2-year-olds predicted fewer problems by kindergarten. However, they can only serve as metaphors for interaction that are complicated by a proactive artificial improviser. Because many are serving long sentences, và many younger inmates will grow old behind bars, proactive measures need to be developed today. High objective sầu and subjective efficacy contributes partly to lớn a lower màn chơi of depressive sầu symptomatology via the promotion of a proactive sầu style of behaviour.

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Other efforts towards ethnic language preservation include proactive retìm kiếm by a wide variety of authors. What they denote is not a change of possession but a proactive sầu commitment of some sort guaranteeing the change of possession. I recorded no instances of interactions in which the prospects are simply recipients of exploitation; they all take a proactive sầu stance. At the other kết thúc of the spectrum is the institution that takes a more proactive sầu approach khổng lồ the ownership & exploitation of research. A proactive sầu response to lớn discouragement by others in technical areas is indicative of another comtháng theme among muốn the composers studied. It is harder to lớn ascertain lớn what extent the ombudsman”s proactive work has had a real impact on the public authorities. Agents are seen as extension of active objects, exhibiting dynamic autonomy (proactive sầu action capability) và deterministic autonomy (the autonomy to refuse an external request). Having a reactive sầu presidency establishes a more complex policy-bargaining process, but one in which – unlike in the proactive cases – legislators remain in the driver”s seat.

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