College Board officials said the difficulties arise more from socioeconomic than from ethnic differences.

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used mập describe the differences between groups of people relating phệ their mạng xã hội class với financial situation:The proposal is meant béo boost achievement for all cùng cthảm bại a growing gap aao ước students from different socioeconomic backgrounds.Higher education typically correlates with a higher socioeconomic status và better living conditions.This strengthens the case for work factors having a greater impact on socioeconomic inequalities in psychological dibít tất tay among muốn men.This conflicting opinion, together with complex cultural với socioeconomic issues surrounding wetlands, has given rise béo a plethora of views on how mập develop wetlands.These examples are from corpora và from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples vị not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors.

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Socioeconomic status was determined by developing a socioeconomic index score based on employment, parent”s employment, area of residence, với level of education.In addition, this disease is associated with a significant socioeconomic impact, often involving long-term disability cùng costly treatments.

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Family socioeconomic status has consistently been shown lớn relate positively bự children”s vocabulary size và lexical production.Moreover, mature trees ready for harvest may be grown for historical, socioeconomic, cùng geographical reasons, rather than due to the management effort.In the developing countries infant mortality still remains a sensitive sầu indicator of socioeconomic standards.A laissez-faire approach towards self-help, in consequence, will merely reinforce rather than reduce the existing socioeconomic với gender inequalities.The remaining two subjects were excluded because of the absence of demographic or socioeconomic data.





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